The 2013/2014 season saw the Open 3 team fight a good fight. Despite struggling each week to put, a team on the diamond they gave it all they had. It was a season filled with amazing home runs, brilliant fielding and a spirit that never died.

The Open 4 team came out of the gate strong and continued their winning streak from the previous season finishing on top of the ladder. After winning their semi-final they went straight into the Grand Final and were ready to take on the challenge of back to back wins. After vying for back to back premierships, it was sadly not to be with a loss to Brandon Height Bandits 6-5. It was a close drawn out fight right down to the end and was well played by Brandon Heights Bandits to take home the premiership.

We look forward to another successful season one that Iā€™m sure will be filled with great games, great people and good fun.