Wow what a huge season we have had!

First up we started the new year, with a whole new executive committee and alongside the general committee, everyone worked hard during the off season on recruiting new members into the club.

We did a letter box drive which saw 2000 flyers being handed out by the committee all over the eastern suburbs. In addition to this we also had a table at the Waverley Gardens Shopping Centre, which is where we did most of our recruiting.

From the recruitment drive we have seen a number of new families come into the club and we couldn’t be happier. Not only do we have some new seniors but we have also managed to field a new Under 11 Junior team which meant that Waverley then had an even 4 teams for this grade and no bye’s were required which is a great result all round.

We held our two “Come and Try” days in August which were very successful and I believe that everyone enjoyed themselves and we could feel the excitement of the new season ahead.

Our new junior coaches Danielle Martys and Mary-Anne Lincoln took the reins and taught our new juniors basically from scratch the art of softball. Full credit goes to Dani, Mary and all the juniors on their wonderful first season, clocking up 4 draws and 2 wins. This was an excellent achievement for their first season together. We look forward to many more to come.

We welcomed a new coach into the club, Dene Vards, who originally started coaching both Open 3 & 4 but his talents, were required by Waverley as a mentor to the junior umpires and therefore after just a few weeks he only continued to coach the Open 3 team and Lauren and myself took on the roles of coaching Open 4.

The senior teams were a little light on for numbers this season so to try and field two teams proved a little challenging and meant that a number of players played two games each week. It was great to see the comradery between all players and how well everyone worked together as if they were all one team rather than two separate ones.

Open 3 had some pretty stiff competition at this level and with the rotation of Open 4 players coming up to assist it was always going to be challenging to say the least. The girls fought hard each and every week to stay competitive but in the end they finished 6th out of 9 teams which is an excellent effort considering the competition.

Open 4 were off to a flying start remaining on top of the ladder right up until the last game before the  Christmas break when ERSC took the lead and we fell to second place. From this point on we struggled to regain the top position. We were always in with a shot to remain in the finals but sadly on the last game of the season things just didn’t go our way and we got knocked out of the top 4 and therefore did not make the finals. This was a sad occasion for us as we had been runners up the previous year and premiers the year before.

We need to continue to recruit and grow as a club starting with the juniors as they are the future of Northvale.

We've developed a strong start to re-building the club so we can ensure that we take the right culture into the future.

The committee has continued to work hard this past year to ensure that the club's finances stay in a healthy position.

We ran a number of fundraising events during the season and even in the off season. I would like to thank everyone who worked towards making these successful.

During the off season while we were all relaxing we had a wonderful day out at the Sandown Greyhounds where we raised enough money to kick start our successful recruitment drive for the new season, we hope that this year will be bigger and better. Other events were our $50 money boards; guess the amount of jelly beans, Cadbury chocolate fundraiser, Bunnings BBQ and then our main event of the year our Trivia Night. From the trivia night proceeds we were able to donate one third of the profits ($523.26) to the McGrath Foundation for Breast Cancer which is something that is very dear to our hearts.

This year also saw us establish a brand new website so thank you to Tyler Stone for all your efforts with this, it looks amazing and also for the number of flyers we have required during the season.

We also have a new Facebook page and currently have 657 followers so thank you to Em Hall for setting this up and getting us on the map. And to Casey White who has also assisted with maintaining both our Facebook page and Website ongoing.

Another thing I am very proud of is our constant presence on the sub committees at Waverley for the Growing Participation Workshop that both Casey and myself are a part off. It is outstanding to see our club contributing to softball as a whole.

In my first year as President, I have found it to be very challenging and rewarding at the same time. I have learnt so much this past year and hope that I and the rest of the committee have done the club proud.

To see the little kids out playing on Saturday mornings has filled my heart with joy and enthusiasm for the future of this wonderful club of ours.

Many thanks, to the committee for their hard work throughout the season. Thank you to each of you for all your support to the club and committee and looking forward to seeing everyone back out on the diamond next season.